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Wragby Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

What is Enterprise Hybrid Cloud ?

The Wragby Enterprise Hybrid Cloud leverages Wragby’s state-of-the-art multitenant in-country cloud, designed to empower organizations to harness the power and possibilities of the hybrid cloud.
Built on the trusted Microsoft Azure Stack platform, Wragby Enterprise Hybrid Cloud enables your organizations to own, configure, and manage IT assets in ways that are uniquely suited to you, giving you both the freedom to choose what works for your organization and total control over the resulting infrastructure.

What You Stand to Gain ?

With Wragby Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, you have the flexibility to design and configure your cloud model in the best way that suits your business. There are no discriminatory choices to make; rather, you can integrate all the different elements to support your business in the best possible way. This puts you in total control of where your data is stored and processed, and which type of data is stored and processed where.
Your developers gain the freedom to build and run business-changing applications using on-premise infrastructure, in-country cloud and the public cloud. They can do this using a consistent set of frameworks and tools across the cloud, promoting application innovation. Wragby Enterprise Hybrid Cloud enables your business to meet its requirements whether that is improved latency, customer SLA, or regulatory requirements on data residency or sovereignty. Not to mention the improved cost profile, and the end-to-end dedicated in-country support.
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